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National Smart Packaging Prize 2020

Rondo awarded “Special Innovation Prize as part of the 2020 National Smart Packaging Prize”

Frastanz/St. Ruprecht, 19 November 2020

Rondo awarded “Special Innovation Prize as part of the 2020 National Smart Packaging Prize”

The National Smart Packaging Prize is awarded every two years. The aim of the award is to highlight modern solutions in the packaging industry that satisfy ecological criteria as well as high functionality and design requirements, and that are exemplary in terms of user-friendliness. Rondo Ganahl AG’s clever shipping box was recently awarded the “Special Innovation Prize” from more than 200 submissions.

The National Smart Packaging Prize is awarded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs in Austria. The two ministers responsible – Leonore Gewessler and Margarete Schramböck – announced the winners as part of the award ceremony, which was recorded this year at the Puls4 studio and broadcast for the first time on Tuesday, 17 November 2020. Among other things, the award was given for Rondo’s clever shipping box, which meets the high demands of an innovative packaging concept: “The future of packaging is moving clearly towards monomaterials that guarantee good product protection and are fully recyclable. We want to press ahead further with this development and, therefore, I am very pleased to congratulate Rondo on the ‘Special Innovation Prize’ for its clever shipping box with an already included return function”, said Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler.

Shipping box with return function without adhesive
The unique, sustainable shipping box was developed by the Rondo Ganahl AG team together with niceshops GmbH in Paldau, Styria. In contrast to conventional shipping boxes with a return function, this packing solutions requires neither a plastic pull strip nor a peel-off adhesive tape – for both dispatch by the retailer and for possible returns by the consumer. The ecological monopackaging consists of 100% corrugated board, is reusable and completely recyclable.

Georg Glieder, head of packaging development at Rondo St. Ruprecht, accepted the award on behalf of the company: “Especially in times like these, when ordering online is booming more than ever, it is worthwhile to create packaging that also provides a simple return function.” For this reason, a return function has been directly integrated into the packaging: if the contents do not meet the expectations of the recipient, the packaging can be resealed and made ready for return shipment without any adhesive. Clearly visible pictograms, including descriptions of the individual steps in several languages printed on the inside of the packaging, explain this in a way that is easy to understand. And in the inner lid, which becomes the outer lid in the event of a return, the sender can have the returns label ready prepared.

“We are very pleased to receive this award, which confirms that we will continue to develop sustainable, customised packaging solutions with our customers with creativity, implementation skills and teamwork,” says Hubert Marte, chairman of the Rondo Ganahl AG board, emphasising the importance of the award for the company. Roland Fink, managing director of niceshops GmbH, also praises the innovative shipping box: “With shipping packaging, it is particularly important that no unauthorised product removal is possible. The base of this box is designed so that it runs across the entire surface and fixes to the side panel. The two parts of the lid are fixed with a safety lock, making it impossible to be opened unnoticed.”

Also nominated: sustainable transport packaging solution MC-Box
Two sustainable transport packaging solutions from Rondo were also among the nominees for the national prize. The MC-Box, which has been produced at the German site within the group of companies for a long time, has now also been “made in Austria” for a year. Together with the company Knapp in Hart near Graz, an MC-Box was developed which replaces the wooden outer packaging and, thanks to its modular construction, can be reused for the return transport of building materials. The MC Liner, an ultra-stable cardboard layer is stuck together using a multicross technique that is water-resistant. By means of inverse corrugation, outstanding stability is achieved and, thanks to the low packaging weight and low disposal costs, costs are saved and the environment is protected. Furthermore, the MC-Box captivates with its easy handling and improved work safety.

The company Wollsdorf Leather in Styria also relies on Rondo Ganahl AG’s MC-Box. Because in addition to the advantages already mentioned, this packaging solution eliminates the need for stapled individual packaging. Moreover, there are no export restrictions with the MC-Box, which makes it an ideal, sustainable replacement for classic wooden transport boxes in the logistics industry. Both packaging concepts were nominated for the “2020 National Smart Packaging Prize”

About the “National Smart Packaging Prize”
The aim of the national prize is to highlight modern solutions in the packaging industry, to award excellent projects as examples of best practice and to bring the domestic industry to the fore internationally. The national packaging prize was awarded for the 59th time this year and is, therefore, the national prize most steeped in tradition awarded by the Ministry of Economics, since 2001 in cooperation with the current Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism. The Austrian Institute of Packaging (ÖIV) has been a partner and responsible for handling the award since its launch. In 2014, the former “National Prize for Exemplary Packaging” was updated as the “National Prize for Smart Packaging”.

About Rondo
Rondo Ganahl AG, headquartered in Frastanz (Vorarlberg, Austria), specialises in the production of corrugated board base paper and individual corrugated board packaging. The roots of the traditional Austrian family business go back to 1797. Rondo currently employs more than 1,600 people at several locations in Austria as well as in Germany, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. The company promotes the considerate use of resources and, therefore, also collects, sorts and presses waste paper and board as raw material for its own corrugated board base papers. This is how Rondo succeeds in closing the recycling chain within the group of companies.


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National Smart Packaging Prize 2020

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Georg Glieder, head of packaging development at Rondo St. Ruprecht, accepted the “Special Innovation Prize” for the clever shipping box (in the picture with Puls4 presenter Nina Kraft).

National Smart Packaging Prize 2020

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Johannes Sikora (left) and Georg Glieder (right) from Rondo St. Ruprecht together Roland Fink, managing director of niceshops GmbH, are pleased with the award for the jointly developed, innovative shipping box.