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Continuation of Ummenhofer-Verpackungen by a traditional Austrian company

Rondo takes over company site in Albersdorf


Frastanz/St. Ruprecht, 30 September 2020

Rondo takes over company site in Albersdorf:
continuation of Ummenhofer-Verpackungen by a traditional Austrian company

On 1 October 2020, Rondo Ganahl AG took over Ummenhofer-Verpackungen GmbH which is located near the company’s location in St. Ruprecht. The takeover of the assembly centre in Albersdorf will secure jobs in the region and local producers will also benefit from the company expansion of the specialist for paper, corrugated board packaging and recycling.

Rondo creates individual and economical packaging solutions every day with plenty of knowledge and construction skills. The concept for the takeover of the insolvent Ummenhofer-Verpackungen GmbH was also developed with great care and was able to convince creditors and owners. All assets will now be incorporated into Rondo Ganahl AG as of 1 October 2020 as part of an asset deal.

Operations at the Albersdorf site (district of Weiz/Styria) will continue in full and the takeover of a majority of the workforce has also been secured. Furthermore, Rondo intends to make further long-term investments in the production and storage halls with a usable area of around 8,200 m², as Hubert Marte, chairman of the Rondo Ganahl AG board, announced: “The incorporation of Ummenhofer-Verpackungen GmbH into the Rondo Group is an important step to increase our flexibility and speed and, therefore, constantly increase the service level for our customers. As a result, we have extended our expertise in the production of ecological corrugated board packaging and we are well prepared for the pending switch from plastic packaging to environmentally friendly packaging solutions”.

“The assembly centre in Albersdorf is only a few kilometres away from our location in St. Ruprecht. In future, we will be able to offer regional fruit and vegetable producers in particular even more services in the field of customised corrugated board packaging for their products”, highlights Karl Pucher, manager of the Rondo corrugated board factory in St. Ruprecht.

About Rondo
Rondo Ganahl AG, headquartered in Frastanz (Vorarlberg/Austria), specialises in the production of corrugated board base paper and individual corrugated board packaging. The roots of the traditional Austrian family business go back to 1797. Rondo currently employs more than 1,600 people at several locations in Austria as well as in Germany, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. The company promotes the considerate use of resources and, therefore, also collects, sorts and presses waste paper and cardboard as raw material for its own corrugated board base papers. This is how Rondo succeeds in closing the recycling chain within the group of companies.


Rondo Standort St. Ruprecht:

Gebäude Rondo St. Ruprecht


Rondo Ganahl AG is expanding the company’s service possibilities in close proximity to the existing location in St. Ruprecht.


Monoboxes packaging

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Fruit and vegetable producers in particular will benefit from the increased level of service with regard to customised corrugated board packaging from Rondo.

Building Ummenhofer, Albersdorf

Gebäude Ummenhofer, Albersdorf
The Ummenhofer-Verpackungen GmbH site in Albersdorf will be taken over by Rondo on 1 October 2020 and operations will continue in full.