Packaging specialist Rondo invests in digitalisation


With Austria’s first industrial digital printing machine, the Delta SPC 130 from the company Durst, Rondo Ganahl AG continued to expand their digital printing production at St. Ruprecht (Steiermark). 

St. Ruprecht, 21 March 2018 – At the moment the Flexo and Offset direct printing processes are mainly used for packaging out of corrugated board. However, with increasing digitalisation customers’ demands are changing. For this reason, Rondo in St. Ruprecht is counting on digital printing processes for modern packaging and displays from the renewable raw material corrugated board.  

The market demands flexibility and individual diversity. “With the new Delta SPC 130 FlexLine printing machine we are able to respond very quickly and give the perfect support to our customers for their market launches and relaunches”, says Karl Pucher, Managing Director of Rondo St. Ruprecht. According to Pucher “Especially seasonal products, special editions, individual (wine) packaging and P.O.S. displays can be delivered in the highest quality with digital print”.

Durst Water Technology

The new Delta SPC 130 printing machine from Durst makes use of its advantages with small batch sizes as well as large print runs, reports Wolfram Verwüster, Global Business Unit Director Corrugated Packaging & Display Printing within the Durst Group. This means that digital printing simplifies and accelerates the whole production process. “We are really pleased about the partnership with Rondo Ganahl AG”, says Wolfram Verwüster. “With the new digital high tech digital printing machine Rondo will make a decisive impact in displays and sales packaging!”

Excellent printing results

The Delta SPC130 FlexLine uses mineral oil free, water-based ink. The ink system developed by Durst Water Technology sets a technological mile stone and meets all the strict environment and recycling requirements within the EU. The printing results are high quality, odourless, abrasion-resistant, non-fade and produced in one single print run. This saves pretreatment, interim drying and varnishing during the production process. Not for nothing did FEFCO (European governing body of corrugated board industry) honour Durst Water Technology with an environment award. 

Corrugated board: attractive, diverse, ecological​

Nowadays corrugated board is so versatile. Rondo packaging guarantees the best quality and greatest possible safety with high functionality and an attractive design. Packaging from corrugated board is light but nonetheless strong, flexible and versatile, whether for wine cartons or colourful high gloss displays, for example, for chocolate bunnies. “Rondo corrugated board packaging catches your eye on the shop shelf – environmentally friendly, functional and 100 per cent recyclable”, says Karl Pucher.

Nowadays the whole Rondo Ganahl Group is characterised by forward-looking investments in high tech production plants and a high level of commitment from employees. “Rondo scores points in quality and reliability, creativity and responsible handling of resources” underlines Hubert Marte, CEO of the Rondo Group during the presentation of the new digital printing machine in St. Ruprecht. “With this investment we are expanding our lead position in technology and strengthening Rondo’s St. Ruprecht branch in a sustainable manner. Our plant in St. Ruprecht is therefore able to offer our customers products in Flexo print, Offset direct print AND digital print. This is an absolute novelty and presents the customer with a variety of printing options from one provider” concludes Marte. 

Facts about the Delta SPC 130​

  • InkjetPrinting – Drop on Demand
  • Direct print on corrugated board
  • Water-based ink 
  • 600 to 800 dpi, CMYK resolution
  • Printing speed of up to 120m/minute
  • Max. format 1300 x 2100mm
  • Corrugated board profiles from F to BC can be printed
  • Material widths from 1.1 to 7.0mm
  • No printing plates or cliché costs
  • Variable data printing possible (codes and numbers)
  • No varnish necessary – colour is scratch resistant

Rondo in figures​

1911: Founding of the Vorarlberg paper factory in Frastanz
1954: Commissioning of first corrugated board plant in Frastanz
1971: Commissioning of corrugated board plant in St. Ruprecht
1995: Commissioning of corrugated board plant in Budapest
1999: Commissioning of corrugatedboard plant in Apahida-Cluj 
2005: Founding of ROK Verpackung GmbH
2009: Commissioning of corrugated board plant in Târgoviste
2013: Takeover of MKB corrugated board plant in Istanbul
2017: Takeover of Walz Packaging in Langenenslingen
2017: New production hall and new high tech corrugated board plant in St. Ruprecht