Congratulations: Dieter Gruber receives the 2017 VN Business Award.

Dieter Gruber, Chairman of Rondo Ganahl Aktiengesellschaft, recently received the 2017 Business Award of the daily newspaper Vorarlberger Nachrichten (VN).

Every year, this prestigious award aims to honour business personalities for “outstanding as well as internationally recognised services” to the province of Vorarlberg and its people. The Business Award is conferred by a high-profile jury comprising representatives of the province’s industry together with Vorarlberger Nachrichten. We are particularly pleased that Dieter Gruber has been awarded this high distinction.

Prepared for the future. Here is an extract from the jury’s statement: “Dieter Gruber has prepared his company for the future. In his work, he attaches great importance to the work atmosphere and staff management. As well as his successful commitment to the company, he has supported industry in Vorarlberg overall and promoted key issues – such as education and training.”

We are particularly proud that Dieter Gruber has, in recent years, made Rondo Ganahl a packaging group which is today one of the top players in Austria and Eastern Europe. Strong, committed staff, a high degree of innovation and always looking to the future are the secrets of the joint success of Rondo Ganahl.

And the recent takeover of the German packaging specialist Walz Verpackungen in Langenenslingen (Baden-Württemberg) begins another new era for Rondo Ganahl Aktiengesellschaft. This expansion also secures sites and jobs in Austria in general and Vorarlberg in particular.

This year marks the eighth time that the VN Business Award has been conferred. The award winners to date are: Günther Lehner (Alpla, Hard), Gerhard and Herbert Blum (Blum Höchst), Michael Doppelmayr (Doppelmayr, Wolfurt), Georg Comploj, (Getzner Textil, Bludenz), Wolfgang Blum (Haberkorn, Wolfurt), Johannes Collini (Collini Holding) and Josef Rupp (Rupp Käse).