Corrugated board packaging

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Rondo produces high-quality corrugated board packaging at 7 sites for maximum safety with high functional capability and attractive printing in up to six colours.

Product range

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Slotted case (9)
Die-cut packaging (10)
Fanfold corrugated board (17)
Compact crate (23)
Crates for miscellaneous items (24)
Tuck-in crates (26)
Baskets (27)
Trays (28)
Boxes for automated packaging (29)
Boxes with instant dividers (30)
Gift boxes (31)
Octabin (33)
Pallet boxes (34)
Bag in box (35)
Instant bottom boxes (36)
CONE PAL® (38)
MC-BOX (39)


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Fruit and vegetables (4)
Wine Packaging (5)
Hazardous goods (13)
Display (14)
Shelf ready packaging (SRP) (15)
Heavy goods (16)
Moving box (20)
Mail order (21)
MC-Box (40)
Cone Pal® (41)


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Automobile industry (6)
Other industry (7)
Food industry (8)
Drinks industry (12)
Pharma- and chemical industry (22)

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